A Quick Intro to Wine.Food.Hotel.
First things first, we’re not a food, wine or hotel guide or directory. Wine.Food.Hotel is an Internet Video Channel that sources, produces, distributes and publishes interesting, engaging and quality digital video content relating to what we all really love - wine, food and hotels. Wine.Food.Hotel is a digital resource that you can use for anything and everything relating to wine, food, hotels and travel. We're here to inspire, educate and entertain with current and quality video content. In fact, we're the first of it's kind on the Internet. 

Are we food media? Yes, but so are you. 
A question we often get asked is "Are you food media?" and the answer is yes, but it's all digital. We do review products and businesses across the three categories of wine, food and hotels, both locally and internationally, but it has to be on content we think our audience, that's you guys, would enjoy. We promise to share with you the things we love about wine, food, hotels and travel, so you can enjoy them as well. But Winefoodhotel.com isn't about voicing our opinion, most importantly it's about yours, it's a conversation.  We want to hear you opinions, reviews and experiences through video about the wonderful world of wine, food and hotels and encourage you to become a Member and get involved. 

What you will see.
The videos included on our site range from chefs cooking their signature dish, amateur chefs having a crack at doing their own cooking video, restaurant and bar reviews from our audience, interviews with local and international chefs, sommeliers reviewing wine, winemakers discussing their latest vintage, plus a whole host of promotional videos on restaurants, bars, vineyards, hotels and travel destinations.

The videos come from people like you who are passionate and have a keen interest in wine, food or hotels, or from businesses that have a great product or service they reckon you’d be interested in. As well as this, we search the web high and low for the best video content around - so you don’t have to.

Using the site
Videos have been categorised into three different sections, wine, food and hotels (hotels also covers travel). You can visit one of these sections and then navigate your way through the various videos by using the appropriate navigation prompts (ie.arrows) or alternatively you can search for videos using the search engine in the top left hand corner.

Get involved
As good as we think we are at finding great content about wine, food and hotels we can always do with an extra hand or to. We want you to get involved and help us grow the great content already included on our site.

Send us your video
So if you’d like to start channeling that inner foodie and do a video of you (and your mates) reviewing a restaurant, then great, send us your video. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a budding sommelier, then great, send us your video. Or if you see yourself as the next Michelin star chef, even better, send us your video.

Businesses you can get involved as well. If you’ve got a great restaurant or bar you’d like to promote, a fantastic new vintage that we all should be drinking or a great place to stay or go for a holiday (and it doesn’t have to be 5 star) then you should send us your video as well. Having your video on our site is free. Like we said before, Wine.Food.Hotel is a video sharing social media site that we want everyone to participate in.

Oh and of course Wine.Food.Hotel checks all video content before we make it live on our site, just so we can guarantee our visitors quality content ongoing.

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