Video Production is an Internet Video Channel that seeks films and produces videos.

If you are tourism or hospitality based business in need of video content then we can definitely help. We are a Melbourne based business, but have the ability to travel throughout Australia and abroad. produces short web based videos and engaging online snacking content of up to 2 minutes in length, as well as longer segments of 5 min+ if required.

Our business is solely based and specialises in videos that relate to wine, food and hotels/travel. That’s what we’re experts in. Saying that we are cost effective or affordable when it comes to our production service might be selling ourselves short, but at the end of the day we just are, and that’s the way we like it. Video is a rich media marketing tool that should be available and used by all businesses, regardless if you’re a big brand or one that fits a more boutique market.

Our team of producers provide clear estimates, briefs, storyboards (where required) and will hold your hand through the production and post production process (yes we have lots of those talented camera people and editors too!) ensuring it’s a simple, fun, streamlined process that delivers engaging video content in a web friendly format.

The next step, after the video is complete is to upload it to our site, which is free of charge. Of course you’ll receive an electronic copy to show your friends as well. An additional option after that is our video distribution service – but we can chat more about that later.

For more information contact our studio on (03) 9534 1058.

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