Video Distribution to Social Media

Are you using videos to promote your Wine.Food.Hotel business? Video is a rich media marketing tool that you can used within a range of social media networks, including Wine.Food.Hotel. 

Above is a list of all the social media sites Wine.Food.Hotel can distribute your video to. Would you like your business or your client's business to appear on these sites?

Wine.Food.Hotel can help you

  • Reach your audience via Social Media
  • Distribute your video to no less than 23 video sharing sites for a small set up fee + a monthly subscription fee
  • Provide a monthly report on your video viewing activity
  • Increase your brand awareness and exposure online
  • Index your videos by the major search engines
  • Give your business a worldwide presence

All you need to get started is a video!

Wine Food Hotel can save you time and effort by promoting your videos online within social media networks.

Without considering video content as part of your overall digital strategy and marketing mix, you are potentially missing out on a significant online audience interested in purchasing your product/service. Online video content is one of the most cost effective forms of digital marketing.

For more information or details of our advertising solutions and rate card pls contact [email protected] or phone +61 3 9534 1058.

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