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Cooked with Love - Recipes my Mother Taught Me

Let’s face it; Mum’s cooking comes second to none. There’s nothing better than Mum’s Sunday roast or home baked cakes. Our childhood memories are steeped in memories of joyous occasions featuring our mother’s cooking. “Cooked With Love – Recipes My Mother Taught Me”, is a new cookbook celebrating our mother’s culinary skills. Bringing together 100 very special contributors to share their mother’s secret recipes and the wonderful stories and memories behind them, this cookbook is the ideal gift this Mother’s Day.

The cookbook is the brainchild of Jessica Brown, CEO of Life Changing Experiences Foundation and all proceeds will go directly to the SISTER2sister Program, an initiative of the Foundation. The SISTER2sister Program is a 12 month mentoring program aiding teenage girls to overcome circumstances beyond their control such as parental loss, domestic violence, sexual abuse, depression and self harm. Each girl is matched with a mentor who is a successful role model that is there to guide and support them to make positive changes in their lives.

Jessica says: “Recipes are handed down from our mothers with love and each has its own special story. This cookbook is a fabulous way to celebrate our mum’s cooking and thank them. Some of us may have mastered the recipes and some may have merely attempted to!”

Several of the country’s top female celebrities have submitted recipes handed down to them by their mothers for the book including: Kathryn Eisman, , Bessie Bardot, Jacinta Tynan, Cindy Pan, Amanda Cole, Bianca Dye, Melinda Hutchings, “NIVEA sponsor the SISTER2sister Program and are kindly arranging for all proceeds of the book to go directly towards the program. We need to raise vital funds to ensure that we can continue to help at risk young girls facing destitution and isolation,” says Jessica.

The organization aims to raise much needed funds for 2011 to ensure that the program continues and that many more ‘at risk’ young women can look forward to a bright future ahead.

“Cooked With Love – Recipes My Mother Taught Me” is available to purchase at www.lifechangingexperiences.org and costs $25. All proceeds from the book will go directly to the SISTER2sister program.

For further information on the SISTER2sister Program please visit: www.lifechangingexperiences.org
For further information about “Cooked With Love – Recipes My Mother Taught Me” or to interview CEO of the Life Changing Experiences Foundation, Jessica Brown, please contact:

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