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Winter is Coming: East 9th Brewing Presents Doss Blockos Limited Edition Dark Lager

East Ninth Brewing is celebrating the arrival of winter with the new, limited edition Doss Blockos Dark Lager to be released this June. With only 10,000 numbered bottles to be produced, the 500mL Doss Blockos Dark Lager is sure to hit the shelves running.

An all-natural beer, the new Dark Lager is created in traditional Doss Blockos style with patience, friends, and attention to detail. Through an extended maturation process, Doss Blockos Dark Lager is brewed using five different malts (pilsner malt, crystal malt, crystal wheat, chocolate malt, and Caramunich type two).

A beverage for those of a more discerning taste, Doss Blockos Dark Lager delivers pronounced tones of roasted coffee and dark chocolate, and a little burnt caramel as the bottom of your glass approaches.

Doss Blockos was inspired by the New York squatting movement of the 1990s, and proved a massive hit throughout Australia for the innovative Melbourne-based brewing company. In a throwback to a time when alcohol was prohibited, the original Doss Blockos Pale Lager was packaged in a brown paper bag labelled with the internationally recognised squatter’s symbol, indicating that it’s safe to squat wherever the symbol is found. This June, Doss Blockos Dark Lager will see the arrival of the label art on the shelf, sans paper bag.

The Doss Blockos label art is taken straight from the street, starting life as (illegal) street art in a Fitzroy alleyway, painted by local artist Irk. The white-faced characters have an aura of creativity and survival – just like the origins of the Doss Blockos brew recipe, which, so the story goes, was created out of what was available and brewed with the rawness of the bare essentials.

East Ninth products are stocked at over 4,000 restaurants, bars and bottle shops around the country, including Cutler & Co, Chin Chin, and Loam in Victoria; Sydney’s Spencer Guthrie and Gardel’s Bar, Canvas and Black Coffee Lyrics in Queensland; and Lalla Rookh and Mechanics Institute in WA.


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