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Fog City Red Sangria - Product Review

Since starting up in 2010 East 9TH Brewing company have been carefully crafting quality beers and ciders amongst interesting brands that have impressed even the fussiest cider and beer lovers. So, when given the opportunity to try their new bottled “Red Sangria” we were intrigued.

A sangria from a beer and cider company may be seen as a bold move but as far as the team at Wine.Food.Hotel are concerned they have pulled it off very nicely! While being different from other popular products such as the original ‘Cloudy Apple Cider’ and “Dokos Blakos, Pale Larger” The red sangria has gleefully been adopted into the Fog City brand and is already turning heads with its convenient 500ml packaging and citrus fruity flavour.

The team at East 9th brewing have always wanted to release bottled sangria, they just weren’t sure on what consumer category it would fit into. The Fog City brand is all about pushing the boundaries with the beverages that everyday consumers enjoy and that’s exactly why the bottled sangria joined the Fog City family.

The aim of the Bottled Red Sangria is to be available all year round, not just typically in summer, and because of this, it has been made with any fruit that could be gathered from the branch and vine, then blended and fermented just in time to make it to your table.

Thanks to this innovative new creation, cider and beer lovers can step outside the box and enjoy sangria anywhere, any time and any time of year.

To learn more about East 9th Brewing Company and Fog City “Red Sangria” click here

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